Rubberbands and Braces

Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

Rubberbands are the elastics used while a patient is in braces to train the jaw to correct the alignment of your bite, close an openbite, and reduce overbite/underbite. They are typically worn from top brackets to bottom brackets and are removed and replaced by the patient.

While brackets, archwires and ligatures are all keys for moving teeth, rubber bands pull the jaw forward or backward in order to line up your top and bottom rows of teeth making sure they fit together comfortably when you bite down and to help improve your smile altogether. Although rubberbands are mostly for aligning your jaw, they can also speed up the process of moving or straightening a tooth or teeth. Wearing your rubberbands as instructed by your orthodontist, can speed up the treatment time, and not wearing the rubber bands can prolong the treatment time. Unless instructed otherwise, wear the rubberbands as much as possible (up to 22 hours a day) and only take them out when eating, flossing or brushing. This is the best way to a beautiful smile and shorter orthodontic treatment time!

Here are a few more tips for faster and better results:

  • Please keep your appointments and arrive on time.
  • Be sure to keep your teeth and braces clean.
  • Avoid foods and behaviors that will damage your braces.
  • Wear your rubberbands as instructed. Carry fresh rubberbands with you and change them often.

Following these instructions will help ensure successful treatment, a functional bite, and a beautiful smile! The best results are a product of good patient cooperation!

Please call our office if you have a problem with your rubberbands, run low or lose your rubberbands.