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5 Things Adults with Braces are Sick of Hearing

We’ve outlined some of the most common questions and inquiries our adult patients with braces face as they return to their lives after having their braces put on (with some spot-on responses).

#1: “Did you not wear your retainer when you were younger?”

Our suggested response: “Of course, I wore my retainer. My teeth shifted, so I decided to invest in my smile again. Would you like my orthodontist’s contact information?”

#2: “How long do you have to wear them?”

Our suggested response: “I’m not sure, but if I follow the instructions and do what the orthodontist says, it shouldn’t be long. I’m looking forward to the results. I know I’ll smile all the time!”

#3: “Do you and your kids have the same orthodontist?”

Our suggested response: “Yes, as a matter of fact, we do. He’s great and does an amazing job. Let me know if you would like the phone number to make an appointment.”

#4: “How do you eat with those things in your mouth?”

Our suggested response: “One of the reasons I wanted Invisalign® was so I could remove the trays when I eat and brush my teeth. My kids have metal braces, so they must be careful with what they eat.”

#5: “You got braces? How old are you?”

Our suggested response: “Braces are not just for kids and teens. I want a confident smile so why shouldn’t I wear them as well?”

Braces are For Adults Too

At Wright Orthodontics we treat a lot of young children, but we also treat a lot of adults. Braces can be right for you regardless of your age. Contact our office to learn how braces might be right for you or someone in your family.