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SureSmile, also known as “smart” wires is a modern innovation that literally takes the guess work out of orthodontics. Teeth don’t move faster but instead, move with more precision than with traditional arch wires, therefore, reducing treatment time. The SureSmile system of custom wires offers patients not only less time in braces, but with fewer visits to the orthodontist and higher quality results. The SureSmile system uses state-of-the-art advanced 3-D imaging, virtual simulations, and robotically bent arch wires that are customized for each patient’s personal and unique treatment.

How do I get SureSmile treatment? During treatment, Dr. Marc S. Wright’s staff performs what we call the “SureSmile Scan” appointment. During this appointment, a scan is done to make a 3-D duplicate model of the mouth. Dr. Marc S. Wright moves the teeth in the 3-D model to their ideal position. The wires are then robotically bent to move the teeth to their new position of ideal placement. These bends are customized for each patient based on their individual orthodontic needs. The wires are designed to deliver gentle forces to move teeth consistently and directly to the desired finishing position. Once the wires are tied into the patient’s brackets, their own body heat activates them. The teeth are constantly moving between orthodontic visits.

Call Wright Orthodontics to inquire about getting SureSmile custom wires for your treatment!

Please view the below video to learn more about SureSmile!