What Do I Do if I Have an Orthodontic Emergency?

Below are some of the issues and solutions in the event that an orthodontic emergency arises.

If your bracket is loose:

It is common for brackets to come loose during treatment. If the loose bracket is not causing discomfort, it is okay to leave alone. Dr. Marc S. Wright and his staff will treat it at your next appointment. If it is causing discomfort, cover it with orthodontic wax and contact the office.

If your wire is poking you:

Sometimes archwires move or slide during treatment. For wires that poke, cover the wire with wax. Swish with warm salt water to stimulate healing of any cheek or gum that has been irritated by poking wires. Contact the office to get the wire clipped.

If your teeth are loose:

Teeth become mobile during orthodontic treatment so that they can be moved. This is normal and you should not be alarmed.

If your teeth hurt:

Taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relief medicine will relieve the soreness caused by moving teeth during orthodontics. Soreness comes and goes during treatment. What is uncomfortable today, will likely improve within a few days.

If you are having an emergency that you cannot treat yourself with the above instructions, please contact the office for additional assistance. Dr. Marc S. Wright and his staff are happy to help you with any questions or concerns about possible orthodontic emergencies.