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Braces Diagram

Braces are among the most complex orthodontic appliances that are used by Dr. Marc S. Wright for treating patients in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. Our braces diagram shows you some of the basic components of braces.

You may curious about how your braces will look while under the care of Dr. Marc S. Wright. Our braces diagram shows the most common components of braces.

Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA


The bands of the braces are metal tubes that fit around each tooth. The tube is placed over the tooth and then adjusted for a secure fit. Not everyone requires bands for their braces.


Brackets on braces are used for mounting archwires, tubes, and hooks. You may elect to have ceramic braces that have clear or tooth-colored brackets.


Archwires are fed through the brackets of your braces. These wires are tightened during follow-up appointments to place pressure on the teeth. The pressure is what gradually repositions your teeth. You may be a candidate for ceramic braces that use clear wires.

Elastic Tie

Your braces may include elastic ties that help reduce spaces between your teeth.

Rubber Band

Rubber bands, or elastics, are attached to hooks on your braces. The tension created by the elastics helps to move your teeth in the proper direction.


Hooks and tubes are mounted to the brackets to accommodate elastics and headgear.

If you have questions about our braces diagram or would like to schedule a consultation at Wright Orthodontics, contact us today. Dr. Marc S. Wright works with adults, teenagers and children in Atlanta, Marietta, and nearby communities in Georgia.