Metal Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA


Our orthodontist, Dr. Marc S. Wright, offers metal braces and other orthodontic treatments for children, teens and adults in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia.

Metal Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GAWhat Are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are the most common and long-standing type of braces. Known also as “traditional braces,” metal braces use brackets, wires, bands, elastics, and other parts to move the teeth into the desired position in the jaw bone.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Braces?

  • Durable option for those with an active lifestyle or who participate in sports
  • Address minor to severe issues with alignment
  • Affordable option for most families
  • Covered by most insurances
  • Reduces the chances of developing gum disease and tooth decay after treatment

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of treatment with metal braces varies. We can provide you with an estimated cost after your free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright. The cost will include what we believe the insurance will cover and your out-of-pocket expenses. If you need help with your portion of the cost, Wright Orthodontics offers financing options via CareCredit®. You can apply before your consultation so that you have a budget in mind.

What Should I Expect from Metal Braces?

As an orthodontist, Dr. Marc S. Wright is an expert in the use of the various components of metal braces, such as:

  • Bands that encircle the tooth
  • Brackets that are attached to the bands to hold wires in place
  • Wires that are adjusted to apply pressure to the teeth
  • Elastics that attach to hooks on the brackets
  • Headgear and other complementary devices that are used in conjunction with braces

Braces are attached to the teeth with a special dental cement to hold them in place. The wires are fed through openings in the brackets. You may have brackets with hollow tubes for wearing headgear or hooks for elastics.

After you get your braces, your teeth may feel sore. This is due to the pressure being applied by the braces. The discomfort is most obvious the first one to two days after the braces are installed, as well as after the tension adjustments in follow-up appointments. You can use non-prescription medication to manage the discomfort.

You will need to learn how to take care of your teeth while wearing metal braces. Our staff shows you how to brush and floss to avoid getting food particles stuck in the braces and keep your teeth and gums free of bacteria and plaque.

There are some foods that you cannot eat while wearing braces. This includes any hard, chewy, or sticky foods, as these types of foods can damage the braces.

If you are interested in metal braces and other orthodontic treatments in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia, we invite you to learn more about Wright Orthodontics. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright.