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Invisalign® Before and After Pictures in Atlanta, GA

Invisalign® is the preferred orthodontic treatment for patients who want a more discreet experience with straightening teeth. Our Invisalign® Smile Gallery shows several of our patients who have had success with this innovative and unnoticeable treatment.

Treatment of spacing with Invisalign

Details: Treatment of spacing with Invisalign.


Details: Treatment of spacing with Invisalign.

Atlanta Invisalign Wright Orthodontics

Details: Correction of upper & lower spacing, anterior openbite with Invisalign, treatment of crowding.

Invisalign treatment of spacing

Details: Treatment of spacing

Invisalign treatment of spacing & overbite

Details: Treatment of spacing & overbite

Invisalign Teen treatment of spacing

Details: Teen treatment of spacing

Invisalign treatment of crowding & overbite 2

Details: Treatment of crowding & overbite

Invisalign treatment of crowding & spacing

Details: Treatment of crowding & spacing


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Written by Wright Orthodontics March 7, 2014