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Types Of Appliances

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Wright Orthodontics dedicates its efforts to providing orthodontic appliances for local residents so that everyone can have a beautiful and bright smile.

As a leading orthodontist, there are several types of appliances that Dr. Wright uses to treat his orthodontic patients. Each has its own purpose but may work with others to achieve the desired results.

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

Wearing elastics (rubber bands) helps the upper and lower teeth move into alignment when simply tightening wires is not enough. When worn properly, they work very efficiently and effectively.

Bite Plate or Bite Ramps

Bite plates improve a severe overbite by preventing any contact with back teeth so that these teeth may erupt. It is necessary to eat soft foods while getting used to your bite plate. These appliances prop open your bite so that you will not be able to contact your back teeth when biting.

Habit Breaker Thumb Appliance

Just like the name says, this appliance helps deter thumb sucking as well as poor tongue posture which can cause an open bite. It is important to keep your lips closed and the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth when wearing this appliance.

MARA® Appliance

If you have an overbite, a MARA® appliance may be used to reduce it by urging the lower jaw forward and the upper molars toward the back of the mouth. Primarily for younger children who are still growing, the MARA® appliance is typically worn for about 12-15 months.

Palatal Expander

The expander is worn to widen your upper jaw by putting gentle pressure on upper molars each time you adjust the expander, usually done daily. After you achieve the desired expansion, you may continue to wear it so that there is no regression.


Either fixed or removable, retainers are used following braces to hold your teeth in place while your bones heal and secure themselves around your teeth’s new positions. It is important to follow the instructions given to you by Dr. Wright on wearing your retainer and caring for it.

Separators or Spacers

Separators are small elastic rings placed between your teeth to separate them so that orthodontic bands fit easily and comfortably around your teeth when braces are applied. Care should be taken by avoiding chewy and sticky foods and candy. Brushing and flossing remain the same with the exception of avoiding flossing between the separators.

Dr. Wright and his staff want to ensure the success of orthodontic treatment for local patients. By following these directions and calling us with any questions or issues, you can expect to get the results you want.

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