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Adult Braces
in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

Our orthodontist, Dr. Marc S. Wright, offers adult braces and other orthodontic treatments for residents in Atlanta, Marietta and surrounding areas of Georgia.

What Are Adult Braces?

If you are over 18 years old and considering braces, you are not alone. Wright Orthodontics has seen significant growth in this area of orthodontic treatment. In the past, braces were most often recommended for teenagers, leading many adults to believe that it was too late to remedy problems with their teeth and jaw alignment. Today, adults have several options that allow them to have the orthodontic treatment they need without sacrificing appearance in social and professional situations.

Adult Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

What Types of Adult Braces Are Available?

Dr. Marc S. Wright understands that aesthetics is a top reason that adults do not seek orthodontic treatment. This is perhaps more concerning than the cost of treatment. At Wright Orthodontics, we offer traditional metal braces, as well as ceramic braces and Invisalign® for adults.

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Patient Reviews

“My daughter had a great experience with getting her braces. The facility is clean and the staff are both friendly and professional.”
– Ayana O.

What Are the Benefits of Adult Braces?

  • Corrects issues with bite and tooth alignment
  • May improve speech, chewing, swallowing, digestion and other problems
  • Styles available for every lifestyle
  • Covered by most dental insurances
  • What Should I Expect from Adult Braces?

    Treatment with adult braces can take up to two years. After the braces are installed, you will have follow-up appointments to adjust the tension of the braces and check your progress.

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost in Atlanta?

The best way to find out the cost of adult braces is to schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright. He reviews your dental records and performs a thorough examination to define a treatment plan for you. Once you and Dr. Marc S. Wright have a plan, our patient coordinator reviews the cost of each option, including how much we estimate covered by insurance. If you are interested in affordable monthly payments for your adult braces, learn about our financing option through CareCredit®.

Some things to note when deciding which types of braces are best for your budget:

  • Metal braces tend to cost less and be less prone to damage
  • Ceramic braces may not be suitable for adults who participate in contact sports and activities that may damage the braces
  • Emergency repairs are not included in the original estimate
  • Invisalign® aligners may not be an option for you depending on the nature of the orthodontic treatment that is needed

If you are interested in adult braces and other orthodontic treatments in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia, we invite you to learn more about Wright Orthodontics. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright.