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Your First Visit

Knowing what to expect during your first visit at Wright Orthodontics is helpful for residents of Atlanta, Marietta, and surrounding areas of Georgia to feel prepared and confident about the appointment.

What Should You Bring to Your First Visit?

Your dentist may have given you a referral to our office so that you can be evaluated by Dr. Marc S. Wright for possible orthodontic treatments. We recommend that you bring copies of your medical and dental records, as well as any other information that you may have about your oral health and medical history. This information helps Dr. Marc S. Wright understand your case thoroughly so that he can provide the highest care possible.

Please bring your dental insurance information with you as well. We will need this to verify coverage, provide out-of-pocket cost estimates prior to treatment, and bill your policy for services that you receive.

What Happens During Your First Visit?

Visiting an orthodontist can be uncomfortable for many people because you simply don’t know what to expect or you are excited to finally be correcting your smile. Wright Orthodontics takes great pride in providing patients of all ages with a relaxing and comfortable practice environment where you are treated like family.

During your first visit, Dr. Marc S. Wright spends some time reviewing your medical and dental records, as well as learning from you about your oral health history and goals for treatment. He performs a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw to determine which treatments are best suited for you. Dr. Marc S. Wright explains all your options and can answer any questions that you may have in order to make an informed decision. We encourage patients to discuss any topics that are important to them, including cost, insurance coverage, financing options, and payments.

You may meet with our patient coordinator during your first visit to talk about your insurance benefits and payment options.

How Long Does Your First Visit Last?

In most cases, the first visit with Dr. Marc S. Wright takes about 30 minutes. The appointment may be longer if he determines that additional diagnostic tests are appropriate before recommending a course of treatment. The initial consultation is free, but x-rays, impressions of your teeth, photos, and other services may have associated fees. We can advise you of the fees before performing these diagnostic tests.

How Much Does Your First Visit Cost?

Wright Orthodontics offers a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright for adults, teenagers, and children. The consultation includes an examination and discussion of your treatment options. If you need diagnostic tests or decide to proceed with the treatment plan, our patient coordinator can provide an estimate of insurance coverage and how much you will pay out-of-pocket. Prior to your consultation, please learn about our financing options through CareCredit®. This will give you an idea of how much you can fit comfortably into your budget before you meet with Dr. Marc S. Wright.