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Patient Forms

At Wright Orthodontics, we know that patient education is an important part of orthodontic outcomes for adults, teenagers and children in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia.

Dr. Marc S. Wright and the staff of Wright Orthodontics welcome new patients from Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. Reviewing our patient forms before your appointment ensures that the time you spend with us is focused on your care.

What Patient Forms Do I Need for My Appointment?

Before being seen by Dr. Marc S. Wright, we do require that you complete some patient forms. You can access our medical and dental history form using the links below. When you arrive for your appointment, we may have additional forms for you to complete.

Can I Complete the Forms Before the Appointment?

Yes. We encourage new patients to download and complete the forms before arriving in our office. This allows you time to relax in our comfortable waiting room rather than rushing to fill in the information.

What if I Have Questions About the Patient Forms?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our patient forms. We are always available to help our patients feel at ease with their experience at our practice.

Can Someone Help Me Complete the Patient Forms?

You can have a family member or friend help you complete the patient forms if you are unable to read the forms for any reason. Parents should complete the forms for their children. You will need to sign the form and verify that all the information is accurate.

What Else Should I Bring to My First Appointment?

In addition to the completed patient forms, please bring your medical and dental records and insurance information to your first visit. Dr. Marc S. Wright reviews your records during the consultation, and your insurance information helps us to properly bill your carrier and maximize your benefits.

Wright Orthodontics offers orthodontic treatments for adults, teenagers and children in Atlanta, Marietta, and the nearby communities in Georgia. Contact [LINK] us if you have questions about our patient forms or want to schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright.