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Braces FAQS
in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

Wright Orthodontics offers advanced orthodontic treatments for adults, teenagers and children in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. Our braces FAQs answer the most common questions about these popular orthodontic appliances.

Why Do I Need Braces?

Your dentist may have referred you to an orthodontist based on problems that were found during your dental examination or cleaning. Braces help with:

  • Crooked and overlapping teeth
  • Crowding
  • Spaces between the teeth
  • Bite problems
  • Poor jaw alignment
  • Promoting proper development of the teeth and jaw

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Patient Reviews

“Phenomenal Orthodontics practice. I recently became a Wright Orthodontics patient after reviewing several other practices. What truly sets Dr. Wright and the entire team apart is the personalized attention and care provided to each patient. I am impressed that the staff acknowledges patients by name when you enter the facility…”
– Y. M.

Can Anyone Wear Braces?

Just about anyone can wear braces, even adults. If your child needs braces, Dr. Marc S. Wright may recommend two-phase treatment that helps the jaw develop properly and decreases the amount of orthodontic work that needs to be done in the adolescent years.

What Can I Do to Feel More Comfortable About Having Braces?

Modern braces take aesthetics into consideration. Some of the ways that you can make your braces fun and comfortable are:

What Are Children’s Braces?

Children’s braces use many of the same techniques as those for teens and adults. The primary difference is that the goal is to minimize the amount of orthodontic work that is needed in the future versus achieving a perfect smile at a young age.

Are Braces Affordable?

Braces are covered by most dental insurance policies, and we work with the most common insurance carriers. After Dr. Marc S. Wright develops your treatment plan, we review coverage with you and estimate your out-of-pocket costs. If the out-of-pocket costs cause a financial burden, we encourage you to learn about our financing options through CareCredit®.

What Should I Do If My Dentist Says I Need Braces?

Once your dentist makes the referral for braces and other orthodontic treatments, contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright.

What is a good age to get braces?

Most orthodontists agree that starting the orthodontic process earlier rather than later is always beneficial. This is because the jaw and teeth of children are more pliable and moldable, making the process of shifting their teeth much easier than in adults. We typically advise parents to consider braces for their children between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.

How long will braces take?

On average, it can take up to 24 months for an orthodontic treatment with braces to be complete. This time frame is an average and may vary from patient to patient depending on their bite and the position of their teeth. To get a more accurate estimate of how long your braces treatment will take, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Wright.

Are braces painful?

While braces may be uncomfortable immediately following getting them on or right after adjustments, patients are comfortable throughout most of their orthodontic treatments. Patients who may find they are sore between adjustments may be encouraged to take a pain reliever like Advil or Ibuprofen to reduce swelling.

Can I get braces as an adult?

Yes, you can absolutely get braces as an adult. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, which means your adult orthodontic treatment with braces may be different from a friend’s or family member’s. If you’re interested in learning more about how to start your orthodontic treatment as an adult, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Wright today.

Which braces are fastest?

While the speed at which your braces will provide you with the smile you desire is mostly determined by the type of issue you are dealing with, most experts tend to agree that the clear aligners like Invisalign® are the quickest way to straighten your teeth. It’s important to note that Invisalign® is not the right option for everyone and that a consultation with Dr. Wright can help you determine with orthodontic treatment is right for you.

If you have questions after reading our braces FAQs, contact us to learn more and schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Marc S. Wright. He offers braces for patients of all ages who live in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia.