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SureSmile® Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

Wright Orthodontics dedicates its efforts to providing SureSmile® as a way to correct misaligned teeth so that everyone can have a beautiful and bright smile.

What Is SureSmile®?

SureSmile® is an innovative orthodontic treatment that utilizes advanced technologies to straighten teeth in less time than with traditional orthodontics. As one of only 10 orthodontists in Georgia who offer SureSmile®, treatment time is drastically reduced by as much as 40 percent with fewer office visits as well.

SureSmile® Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

How Does SureSmile® Work?

With SureSmile®, Dr. Wright creates a 3-D model of your teeth with the OraScanner® so that he has an excellent view of your teeth from every angle. With SureSmile® computer simulations, he can determine the best treatment for your teeth. From there, SureSmile® calculates the movement of each tooth so that you end up with a bright and beautiful smile. Shape memory alloy “smart” arch wires permanently retain your individual prescription and are activated by your own body heat.

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How Much Does SureSmile® Cost in Atlanta and Marietta, GA?

Wright OrthodonticsThe cost of this state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment depends on the complexity of your case. That is why we offer a consultation and evaluation at no charge. At this appointment, Dr. Wright discusses the options you have that will achieve the best results for you along with their costs.

The staff at Wright Orthodontics will also discuss payment and financing options along with helping to determine if your dental insurance covers any of the costs associated with SureSmile® before any treatment begins. We work hard to make orthodontics affordable for everyone so they can have the smile they have always wanted.

If you are considering SureSmile®, please look through our Braces Smile Gallery to see how our patients in Atlanta and Marietta, GA, have benefited from SureSmile®.

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Dr. Wright is a leading orthodontist who understands that each patient has unique needs and desires. He has improved the lives of and given a bright smile to many people in and around Atlanta and Marietta. He and his staff are committed to helping you get the smile you have always wanted whether you are a child, a teenager, or even an adult. Call us today at 404-507-2078 (Atlanta Office) or 770-648-2835 (Marietta Office) for your free consultation!