Wright Orthodontics Retainer Plan

Orthodontic Retainers in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

Congratulations on your new, beautiful smile! Your orthodontic treatment has been a huge success, but you’re not completely finished. Wearing your retainer is a very important part of keeping your new smile straight for many years to come. Please follow our instructions for your best results!

1-6 Months:  

  • Wear both retainers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Remove only for eating and cleaning

7-24 Months:

  • Wear both retainers every night

24 Months+:

  • Wear both retainers at least 4 nights a week

Additional requirements and information include:

  1. Call the office immediately if you break or lose a retainer. The sooner it is replaced, the less likely your teeth are to shift given the amount of time the retainers have not been worn.
  2. Store your retainers in the case provided to avoid damage or loss when not being worn.
    1. Keep away from heat.
    2. Do not wrap in a paper towel.
    3. Keep away from animals and small children.
    4. Brush your retainers at least twice daily using a toothbrush, clear liquid soap, and cold water. Do not use toothpaste to clean retainers!
      1. If you are unable to brush your retainers, rinse thoroughly with cold water.
      2. If your retainers begin to smell “fishy”, soak in solution using one part bleach and four parts cold water for 1 hour, then brush thoroughly as usual.
      3. Do not soak retainers in any colored mouthwash.

Your orthodontic treatment doesn’t stop after your braces are off your teeth. Keep your healthy smile in the best shape by following our best results above!