What is SureSmile and How Does it Work?

Every field of medicine is improving with the development of technology. Orthodontics is no different.

Now you can spend less time in braces while getting more precise results. SureSmile allows this to happen. The technology enables orthodontists to take digital scans of patients’ teeth. By using these scans, doctors can find the best way to design custom wires for that specific patient.

SureSmile® Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

Doctors use the SureSmile program to find the best direction to move their patients’ teeth. Orthodontists utilizing SureSmile technology can ensure the braces direct teeth in a precise direction which can reduce the amount of time patients spend in braces by as much as a third. Less time means fewer appointments and out of braces sooner!

Additionally, the braces’ wiring is sculpted by robots rather than the traditional method of by hand. This limits the margin of error within the wire so it more precisely matches the patient’s teeth and the doctor’s prescription.

The wire’s reshaping is triggered by the patient’s body heat. The unique Shape Memory Alloy is light weight. It remembers the original shape the metal was in and uses heat – in this case, a person’s natural body heat – to move back into that original form.

The developing technology all comes together to benefit the patient. These innovative techniques cause patients less pain and less time. SureSmile is leading in the field of correcting misaligned teeth and giving patients a beautiful and bright smile.

To learn more about SureSmile and other orthodontic options, please contact Dr. Marc S. Wright at 404-507-2078. We will work with you to find a treatment plan that both meets your needs and your budget.

What is the best age to have an orthodontic evaluation?

Orthodontics in Atlanta and Marietta, GAOne of the most commonly asked questions is when its best to start looking into braces. While there’s no straight forward answer, there are some general guidelines to follow when considering braces. In order to truly do what’s best, you need to talk with a licensed professional.

The most important aspect of deciding whether it’s the right time for braces is whether all of your permanent teeth (except wisdom teeth) have replaced the baby ones. Usually this is 11 to 12 for girls and 12 to 13 for boys. However, these ages are just averages and not a set standard. Many orthodontists use two phases of braces. The goal of two-phase treatment is to expand the jaw and start straightening the teeth at a younger age.

The best way to know for certain when to get braces is to have an exam with your orthodontist. At this visit you can discuss whether your dental needs will require braces. To learn more about braces and other orthodontic options, please contact Dr. Marc S. Wright, located in Atlanta and Marietta, GA at 404-507-2078. The initial consultation is free and staff will work with you to find a treatment plan that both meets your needs and your budget.