Braces are Not Only for the Young, but for the Young of Heart

Braces are often associated with the image of children getting their teeth fixed in middle or high school, trying to achieve their ideal self-image and impress their peers with their stunning smiles. It is common to hear people later in life claim they’re too old for braces. But contrary to popular belief, braces are not specific to one age group.

There is never a wrong time to work on boosting your self-confidence by taking care of your appearance and correcting things you may have felt self-conscious about your whole life. This can contribute to improving your overall mental health.


For any patient that would prefer a subtler change in their smile, Wright Orthodontics offers Invisalign®. These invisible aligners can do just as much as braces without drawing the same amount of attention. Individually designed to fit your mouth, this product can correct overbites, underbites, crossbites, tooth gaps, and crooked teeth. It can also be taken out for eating and drinking, allowing your teeth to remain cleaner.

Most insurance policies cover Invisalign® and do not require patients to be a specific age to take advantage of their full benefits. The treatment process is simple, painless, and our office works to ensure your comfort is met every step of the way.


Invisalign® is only one of the many options we offer to help improve your overall self-image. We also provide tooth extraction and whitening for patients that may need it. We utilize the best of teeth whitening products with the Zoom!® WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System. The hour-long process is relatively short in comparison to others and can brighten your smile by up to eight shades.

Our staff understands that taking care of yourself applies to every age group, and we enjoy helping our patients boost their self-confidence. If you’re interested in feeling younger at heart and improving your overall well-being, please contact either our Marietta or Atlanta, Georgia office to schedule your appointment today.

New Year, New Smile

Most people think of a dental office as having to do with braces or fixing a dental problem, but here at Wright Orthodontics we take our passion to helping build patients’ self-confidence one step further. The Philips Zoom!® WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System was developed to help patients achieve a stunning level of brightness with their smile.

Zoom!® WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System

This renowned teeth whitening system is a popular choice for patients looking for a quick and dramatic change to their smile. It is safe and pain free and is designed to provide the best possible results for our patients. We offer in-office treatments, or we can fit you for trays to take home.

Treatment process 

This system was designed to remove stains and whiten tooth enamel with a bleaching gel that is activated by UV light. The whitening process takes up to an hour, after which your teeth can become up to eight shades lighter. Cheek retractors and cotton rolls will be used in the mouth to ensure the safest possible treatment process, so we suggest bringing Chapstick to help with dry lips. Don’t be afraid to request a cleaning beforehand as this will improve your overall results!

The treatment process is developed by analyzing the color of your teeth, the level of their sensitivity, and how quickly you want the process completed. This process is perfect for patients looking for a quick fix in time for an upcoming photo opportunity. For events such as birthday parties, graduations, job interviews, and weddings, teeth whitening can help you achieve that picture-perfect smile in no time.

If you’re looking to better your smile and improve your overall self-confidence, schedule an appointment by contacting our Marietta or Atlanta, Georgia office today. Our staff is ready to help you achieve your dream smile.