Foods That Turn Your Teeth Yellow

There are foods that dull the whiteness of your teeth, making them look yellow. With that in mind, we want to give you a list of some of the foods that make your teeth yellow.

Lemons and Other Acidic Foods

People often put lemon in their water and eat healthy foods that are high in acid. While they are very good for you, they are not good for your teeth. The acid can eat away at the enamel slowly exposing yellow tinged dentin.

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Coffee, Tea and Soda

Whether you drink coffee, tea or soft drinks, you are at risk of them dulling or yellowing your teeth. Coffee and tea have tannins in them that discolor teeth. They also alter the pH balance in your mouth which can speed up the damage from acidic foods you eat.

Dark Berries

Remember seeing the commercials about how dark berries stain dentures? Well, the same thing applies to your teeth primarily because of the pigment in them. However, dark berries have strong health benefits. If you indulge, just be sure to brush your teeth immediately after.


Whether red or white, wine causes teeth to lose their whiteness. With red wines, those pesky little tannins get hold of your teeth and discolor just like they do with coffee. White wine is more acidic which eats away at the enamel. This causes substances to stick to those pockets leading to discoloration from other foods along with making your teeth look discolored. This doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking wine altogether; you just need to maintain moderation (but you knew that).

Candy and Sweets

We preach and preach to our patients about the negative effects of candy and other sugary treats, so there is really no reason to go into detail. While a lot of foods offer a variety of health benefits, candy and sweets provide none, so it is best to simply avoid them. And, on those occasions where you just “need something sweet,” brush and floss as soon as you can so the sugar doesn’t sit on your teeth.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

Even though foods can cause your teeth to yellow or lead to tooth decay, there are steps you can take to prevent yellow teeth. For most people, it all goes back to brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Luckily, when yellow teeth just happen, we have advanced treatments to whiten teeth.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to whiten your teeth or need a new dentist, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

4 Ways to Remember to Wear Your Retainer

One of the most important parts of orthodontics is wearing the retainer once your actual treatment plan is complete. We understand you may not want to wear it or simply forget to put it in your mouth, but if you don’t wear it as we recommend, your gorgeously straight teeth are going to shift. Then guess what? The braces may have to be reapplied to your teeth again.

At first, you typically wear the retainer all the time except when eating and brushing your teeth. Over the course of time, you eventually will only need to wear it at night. This is typically where it gets tricky to remember to put wear it. To help you, here are five ways to remember to wear your retainer:

#1: Ask friends and family to remind you.

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Probably the easiest way to make sure you wear your retainer is to ask friends at school and family at home to remind you. At school, pick a good friend who eats lunch with you to remind you to wear it if he or she notices you don’t have it in your mouth. That’s a good friend!

#2: Place a note on your mirrors.

If you have a note on the mirrors you use the most – bathroom and bedroom – you are much more likely to remember to put your retainer back in your mouth.

#3: Set a reminder or alarm on your cellular phone.

Setting a reminder on your cell phone is a great way to remember your retainer. The best time to set the reminder is about 30 minutes before you typically go to bed. If you forget or go to bed early, your alarm will still go off.

#4: Keep your retainer case in plain view.

You can also place your retainer case where you see it as a reminder. We recommend keeping it on your bathroom counter. Note that it is easy to accidentally throw your retainer away with lunch at school. Keeping the case where you can see it also helps you avoid tossing it in the trash. Don’t forget, never wrap your retaining up in a napkin or paper towel, and always use the case.

You don’t have to wear your retainer forever. The purpose is to give your teeth time to adjust to their new positions and allow the bones to stabilize around the teeth. If you forget to wear your retainer occasionally, don’t worry too much. It won’t compromise our work; however, not wearing it for an extended period of time may create issues. So, make sure you are diligent about wearing it.

We worked hard to give you a beautiful and confident smile. It’s up to you to keep it that way!