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Five Dental Trends to Avoid

It seems that there are a growing number of trends to adorn the body, especially the face. Dental trends continue to make their way onto the scene whether via adornments or unsafe dental care products. We’re all for being fashionable, but some dental trends should just be avoided…

#1: Bedazzled Teeth

Even though you may think it is a creative way to enhance your appearance, bedazzling your teeth can be very dangerous. The risks include slight discoloration that takes place when worn for a short amount of time to more detrimental issues like wearing the protective coating off your teeth. The results leave your teeth open to infections and even permanent damage. We recommend you leave the bedazzles to your clothing.

#2: Creating a Gap Between the Front Teeth

Georgia May Jagger and Vanessa Paradis are just some of the rich and famous who sport a gap in their front teeth. It is important to remember that their gaps are natural and forcing your mouth to create a gap in your teeth can be detrimental to your overall oral health.

#3: Tongue Piercings and Gauges

A tongue gauge is a piercing that is expanded to the size of a hole. Your tongue plays an important role in your ability to eat, chew, swallow, drink and speak. Piercings and gauges threaten the basic function of your tongue and create the possibility of infection and bacteria growth. In addition, the hardware living permanently in your mouth creates a choking hazard.

#4: Grills

Grills are decorative covers that people put over their teeth usually made of gold or another precious metal. Some are even encrusted with stones like diamonds. From Ryan Lochte to Rhianna and even Madonna, celebrities bling their teeth (or one tooth) trying to look cool and individual. However, whether they are permanent or temporary, grills can lead to tooth decay because they interfere with brushing and flossing best practices.

#5: Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal can be used to treat a lot of health issues, but we don’t recommend it for whitening your teeth. Charcoal toothpaste scraps away a layer of the tooth enamel making your teeth much more susceptible to future problems.  If you want white, healthy teeth, practice good oral hygiene, see your dentist for professional cleanings and ask about whitening treatments if you think you need it. Leave the charcoal for your grill (the one outside, not the gems on your teeth).

The best way to have a great set of teeth and a healthy mouth is to see a dental professional on a regular basis. Dentists suggest two professional cleanings a year and treatments as needed to correct problems when they arise. Contact us to schedule a consultation and professional cleaning so you can achieve and maintain optimal oral health.