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iTero® Scanner and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

The iTero® Scanner is completely radiation-free, which makes it safe for pregnant women.

What is the iTero® Scanner?

The iTero® Scanner is a digital device that takes a 3D picture of your mouth, allowing orthodontists and dentists to get a full picture of your mouth and teeth. The iTero® Scanner has changed the face of dentistry to make treatments from orthodontics to restoration easier and faster. In addition to its safety, another advantage of the iTero® Scanner is that dental professionals can show patients the results of the planned treatments before they even begin.

The iTero® Scanner is an advanced optical impression system that records topographical images of teeth and oral tissue. It is an integral part of the Invisalign® orthodontic system and is being used with other types of braces and basic dental x-rays because of its ease and safety.

The iTero® Scanner combines the scanner with computer software to capture 3D images of a person’s teeth, soft tissue, and the structure of the mouth as well as the patient’s bite. As the images are taken the software processes the data so that it can help create the aligner trays for the orthodontic treatment. The process of taking the digital x-rays is much faster than using traditional impressions – even if repeat pictures are needed.

Why Use the iTero® Scanner?

In addition to the safety, there are many benefits to using the iTero® Scanner

  • No messy and yucky goop
  • Immediate images
  • Accurate results, better fitting treys
  • Pregnancy-safe

Let Your Orthodontist Know You are Pregnant

It is important to let your orthodontist know you are pregnant. Optimal oral health is vital for everyone, especially during pregnancy. Orthodontics not only offers cosmetic benefits, but it also brings teeth into alignment to ensure effective oral hygiene.

If you are considering orthodontics and are pregnant, there is no reason to put off treatment. The advances in today’s market make dental care safe for everyone. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.