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The iTero® Scanner: New Technology for Improved Precision

We’ve got good news to share… no more goop! The iTero® Scanner is a new state-of-the-art scanning system that takes full scans of the mouth in under 15 minutes. The goop-free scans are used to create unique Invisalign® aligners that deliver a perfect fit. The scans can also be used to fit retainers. Wright Orthodontics is excited to add this technology to our practice, which offers patients multiple benefits:iTero® Scanner in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

  • Increased efficiency
  • Goop-free
  • Better fitting aligners and retainers
  • More comfortable scanning process
  • Less orthodontic appointments (thanks to the accuracy of the scans)

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Using harmless light for the scanning process, the iTero® Scanner can be used for higher quality measuring and diagnostics in all patients with full scans taking less than 15 minutes. Scans build a 3D model in real-time, giving greater insight and allowing doctors to tailor treatment based on exact models of your mouth. For those with braces or Invisalign®, scanning impressions are more accurate and efficient than ever and can even simulate the final look of your new and improved smile.

Increased Comfort

Since the scanner works with the Invisalign® system, creating new aligners is more comfortable than ever, with up to seven times fewer fit issues and more than 10 times fewer rejections than older impression processes. Fewer problems with the aligner results in more comfort for the patient and fewer appointments for fittings.

Faster Process with Less Error

Overall, the iTero® Scanner is up to 50 percent faster at providing accurate scans when compared to other conventional impression methods. The sensors in the wand pass over each tooth individually with unprecedented accuracy and gives a clear image of your teeth with less error than other scanning methods. At Wright Orthodontics we take pride in offering the most cutting edge and advanced procedures to help you achieve your best smile. The iTero® Scanner allows us to deliver the absolute best results to our patients – our number one goal as an orthodontic practice.

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