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SureSmile® vs. Invisalign® Services in Atlanta, GA

SureSmile® Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GAYour smile is important, so you want the best treatment options to get that perfect smile. Dr. Wright offers the most advanced teeth straightening methods to help you achieve that smile in the best possible way.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, you will want to consider treatment with SureSmile® or Invisalign®. The following information tells you about both of these cutting-edge treatment plans.


SureSmile® is an innovative orthodontic treatment that utilizes advanced technologies to straighten teeth in dramatically less time than traditional orthodontics. In fact, your treatment time with SureSmile® can be reduced by as much as 40 percent, with fewer office visits as well. Dr. Wright is one of only 10 dentists in Georgia who offers SureSmile® treatment.

SureSmile® is the most advanced teeth-straightening system available today. It straightens your teeth with greater precision and accuracy and achieves noticeable results in a shorter time frame than conventional braces.

By using imaging, software and special robotic technology, SureSmile® allows the orthodontist to design a series of customized archwires that create a more precise alignment of teeth. Traditional braces rely on taking molds of your teeth and bending wires by hand, but SureSmile® uses incredibly detailed 3-dimensional digital molds to guide treatment. With these 3-D models, orthodontists are able to design the individual movements for each of your teeth, from start to finish, through virtual simulation. By setting the final outcome up front, the orthodontist can keep teeth moving directly to the prescribed position through a more predictable process.

The SureSmile® robot will fabricate custom archwires to use at each step of the treatment process. When attached to the brackets on a patient’s teeth, these wires create the most comfortable positioning possible while driving more efficient movement of the teeth. Because the robot can make smaller and tighter bends in the wires, teeth move more precisely and directly toward their final situations.

When comparing SureSmile® to traditional braces, SureSmile® offers a higher level of precision, fewer office visits, less discomfort and quicker results.


Invisalign® is an innovative orthodontic treatment that is much less obvious than traditional braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign® uses clear plastic aligner trays to straighten teeth and correct jaw issues. Invisalign® aligner trays are virtually unnoticeable, so you won’t feel self-conscious about your smile. These custom-made trays are very comfortable and easy to wear. Also, the trays can be removed when eating or drinking, making it easier to keep your teeth clean.

With Invisalign®, you wear a custom-made set of aligner trays for two weeks and then switch them out for another set that continues to slowly adjust your teeth with virtually no pain.

Some of the issues that can be corrected with Invisalign® include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

Invisalign® is a popular choice for both adults and teens.

To learn more about SureSmile® and Invisalign®, contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Wright Orthodontics has two convenient locations to serve you in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia. As always, your initial consultation at Wright Orthodontics is offered free of charge with no hidden fees.