How often should you change your toothbrush?

Unlike shoes or clothes, toothbrushes don’t show obvious signs of wear, which makes it hard to know when you should replace them. Is there a standard for how often a toothbrush should be changed? The answer really depends on the individual. How often do you use your toothbrush, what is the state of your health and what do you personally prefer? Next time you brush your teeth, think about whether it is time to get a new toothbrush.

When to Get a New Toothbrush

The standard rule of thumb is to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. If you have been sick, it is a good idea to replace your brush immediately, especially if you keep it near your family’s toothbrushes.  The bristles of your toothbrush are a good indicator if it is time for a replacement. If they look crushed and flat, they won’t clean your teeth properly. The harder you brush, the more worn your toothbrush becomes. Children often press their toothbrush into their teeth harder than adults, so they often need new toothbrushes sooner than the 3 to 4-month rule indicates.

Types of Toothbrushes

When it comes to toothbrushes, there are two basic types to consider: manual or electric. Both are good, so choose the style you are most comfortable with so you will brush your teeth on a regular basis. Manual brushes are more portable and easy to use anywhere. They don’t make noise, and the user is able to control the pressure placed on his or her teeth and gums.

An electric toothbrush isn’t so simple. It must be charged and is usually a little bigger and heavier than a manual toothbrush, which could be an issue when traveling. The rotating bristles of an electric toothbrush make the job of cleaning between teeth and at the gum line much easier. Some electric toothbrushes have built-in timers to help you brush the recommended amount of time.

Maintaining Your Toothbrush

Whether you choose an electric or manual toothbrush, it is important to keep it clean. The American Dental Association recommends that after brushing, you rinse your brush under tap water. This washes away leftover toothpaste and saliva and the germs associated with both. Once rinsed, you should always store your toothbrush vertically with the bristles in a position to air and dry out.

If you store your wet toothbrush in a closed container, thinking this will keep it clean, you could actually be causing bacteria to build up on your brush. It is a much better idea to let the bristles dry completely between uses. This isn’t always possible when you are traveling, so it is a good idea to take disposable toothbrushes when you go on a trip.

Deciding when to change your toothbrush has a lot to do with personal preference, but you should try to change out your households’ toothbrushes several times a year. Stock up on extra toothbrushes so when you are ready for fresh bristles, you always have a new toothbrush available. Contact Wright Orthodontics today to schedule your free consultation!



Wear Your Mouth Guard!

Protect Your Team, Protect Your Teeth

No one is invincible. Accidents can happen to anyone. Studies show that the chance of an athlete damaging their teeth increases by 60 times if they aren’t wearing a protective mouth guard. When worn properly, a mouth guard can lower the risk of harm to an athlete’s teeth, lips, tongue, and jaw. Taking the time now to prevent damage is much better than trying to repair damage at a later date.

Making the Right Decision

You can buy a stock mouth guard at a sporting goods store, or you can receive a custom fit mouth guard by Atlanta Orthodontist Dr. Marc S. Wright. Stock guards don’t offer the confidence that comes with the personalized fit that a custom-made orthodontic appliance can offer. A personalized mouth guard, made just for you, provides the absolute best fit and defense against injury and possible irreparable damage to your mouth, jaw or teeth.

Not only does an off the rack mouth guard offer less protection than a custom guard, due to the fact that it isn’t a precise fit, but it can restrict your breathing or speech or just feel painful or uncomfortable. It is impossible to make a perfect fit with a mouth guard bought at a sporting goods store. A custom made mouth guard fits you perfectly, and if any discomfort develops, it can be fixed by Dr. Marc S. Wright.

Taking Care

Your mouth guard takes care of you, so it is important to give it proper care in return. Always rinse it with cool water or even mouthwash before and after each use. Every so often, give it a much deeper cleaning with soapy water. Never place it in hot water or leave it in the sun. Heat can damage it.

Always Play It Safe!

When you make the wise choice to wear a sports mouth guard, you are protecting your mouth and jaw from the possible damage of an accident. Atlanta orthodontist Dr. Marc S. Wright can meet all your mouth guard needs. Play hard, but don’t forget to play smart. Protect your smile by wearing one of the most important pieces of equipment, a sports mouth guard. If you play a sport, and you are interested in a customized mouth guard, call Wright Orthodontics to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.