Top Five Ways to Speed Up Your Invisalign® Results

Invisalign® in Atlanta and Marietta, GAWe have patients coming in every day to ask us about their Invisalign® options. Invisalign® is a great treatment option for patients who have minimal orthodontic concerns and wish to address them without the bulky appearance of braces. That being said, many of our patients are interested in learning how to speed up the extra time Invisalign® may take to address their concerns compared to traditional braces. Here are Dr. Wright’s top five ways to speed up your Invisalign® treatments for ultimate results.

1.      Keep All of Your Invisalign® Appointments

Your Invisalign® appointments may be frequent, but their frequency has a reason. Each appointment is aimed at tracking your alignment process and allows Dr. Wright to tweak your treatment properly for ultimate results. Delaying these appointments can ultimately delay your overall treatment plan, as Dr. Wright won’t be able to address your concerns properly.

2.      Wear Your Invisalign® as Directed

Your orthodontist will ask that you wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours each and every day. Dr. Wright suggests only taking your aligners out if you are eating, or brushing and flossing your teeth. The rest of the time you spend throughout the day and night, you should always have your Invisalign® trays in. Wearing your aligners for shorter period of time or skipping days with aligners may slow down your treatment and delay your desired results.

3.      Change Your Trays Out Regularly

Changing out your trays regularly goes hand-in-hand with keeping your Invisalign® appointments and wearing your trays as directed. Making sure you switch out your trays when you’re supposed to will keep your teeth shifting process on track with your original timeline. Delaying this change will ultimately delay your results.

4.      Ask Dr. Wright About Acceleration Techniques

Many of our patients did not know that acceleration techniques are available to help move the shifting process along. If you do qualify for an acceleration treatment, you may be asked to use a vibration device that fits over your aligners for up to 20 minutes each day. The micro-vibrations help facilitate your teeth’s movement, allowing for shifting to take place more easily.

5.      Consider Short-Term Cosmetic Braces

If you’re thinking to yourself “I just want my teeth to look better,” cosmetic Invisalign® aligners may be right for you. This alternative Invisalign® treatment only addresses the teeth that are visible when you smile. While you won’t get the added orthodontic benefits of shifting the rest of your teeth or adjusting your bite, you will be able to improve the look of your teeth in a shorter period of time.

If you’re interested in learning more about when or how to get started with your orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to contact us and set up your private consultation with Dr. Wright. He’ll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate your teeth, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you get a smile you can be proud of.

Your Different Options for Braces

Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GAo, you’re interested in getting braces. Did you know there are more than one or two types of braces you can choose from? At Wright Orthodontics, we offer a variety of different braces options for our patients, so they can get the treatment they desire without having to sacrifice their desired look or timeline. Let’s go over each treatment option and the best options for those on a budget.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are what our patients typically think of when they think of braces. Characterized by the use of metal brackets and a silver wire running along the teeth, metal braces are the most popular among our younger patients for a few good reasons. Not only are metal braces more affordable than other treatment options, but they are also one of the most durable braces a patient can receive. This means you don’t have to worry about maintenance as often as you would with alternative options.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are the first alternative we offer that is most similar to the traditional metal braces we all know. Ceramic braces also require the use of brackets and a wire, but they tend to be more discrete. Instead of metal brackets, ceramic braces use brackets that more closely match the natural color of your teeth. Using a durable clear wire also aids in the illusion of not having braces at all. Ceramic braces are a great option for adult patients who require braces but want to maintain a more professional look.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the most different alternative treatment that you may find. Lingual braces are similar to metal braces, however, the metal brackets are bonded to the backside of the teeth rather than the front. This creates a much more discrete appearance among our patients who wish to shift their teeth on the sly. That being said, lingual braces are difficult to care for and a little more expensive than our more traditional options.


Invisalign® aligners have taken the orthodontic world by storm over the past several years. These invisible aligning trays are custom-fitted to your teeth and jaws, allowing you to shift your teeth gently over time without the appearance of bulky metal braces. Invisalign® is a popular choice among adult patients who wish to improve their smile without disrupting their current appearance.

What if I Can’t Afford Braces?

If you’ve thought about receiving orthodontic treatment in the past but stopped because of pricing, look no further than treatment with Wright Orthodontics. We understand that everybody has a different financial situation, which is why we’re proud to offer affordable treatment plans with flexible financing options that allow you to pay for your braces at your own pace.

If you’re interested in learning more about when or how to get started with your orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to contact us and set up your private consultation with Dr. Wright. He’ll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate your teeth, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you get a smile you can be proud of.

Which Braces Work Fastest? Invisalign® vs. Metal Braces

Metal Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GAWhen it comes to patients choosing their options for braces, one of the biggest factors most of our adult patients tend to look at is their timelines. We live in a world of instant gratification, so seeing our patients want their results fast isn’t a surprise. Let’s go over our two most popular treatments – metal braces and Invisalign® – and compare the time commitment needed for each.

What are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are what we traditionally think of when we think of braces. These braces require bonding small metal brackets to the teeth and threading a silver wire through them to shift the position of the teeth and jaws. Many patients who receive metal braces may also be asked to use rubber bands to further enhance the shifting powers of the braces and increase your results over a shorter period of time.

How Long Do Metal Braces Take to Show Results?

The answer to this question truly depends on the type of alignment or shifting you require to achieve your desired results. It also depends on how diligently you come in for your maintenance appointments, how often you break your brackets, and how often you wear your rubber bands if you need them. That being said, we typically see our patients needing metal braces for anywhere between 12 and 36 months.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a more modern approach to traditional metal braces. Invisalign® treatments involve the use of invisible aligner trays that are custom-fitted to your teeth and jaws. Every week or two, you will be asked to switch out your trays and replace them with a newer, more snug-fitting pair. Over time, patients will see changes in the position and crowding of their teeth.

How Long Does Invisalign® Take to Show Results?

Like with braces, the answer to this question is individual to each and every patient. How long you need your Invisalign® trays will vary depending on your teeth’s starting positions, how often you wear your aligners, how well you keep up with your regular maintenance appointments and more. When all is said and done, we typically find our patients achieve their desired results within 6 to 18 months.

Is Invisalign® or are Metal Braces Quicker?

In the grand scheme of things, Invisalign® aligners tend to provide patients with the results they desire in a shorter period of time than braces do. That being said, Invisalign® aligners are best for patients who do not require a large amount of intervention with their teeth. Patients who have more complex issues with their jaws and teeth may require the use of metal braces for treatment. The best way to find out which aligners are right for you is to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Wright.

If you’re interested in learning more about when or how to get started with your orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to contact us and set up your private consultation with Dr. Wright. He’ll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate your teeth, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you get a smile you can be proud of.

What’s the Best Age to Get Braces?

Braces in Atlanta and Marietta, GAGetting braces is a common, yet frustrating thing for many of our patients. One of the most interesting questions we get asked all the time is “When is the best time for me or my child to get braces?” In reality, there is no perfect answer to this question. Let’s go over some braces basics so you can get a better feel for when your perfect time for braces is.

What Braces Do

Braces are classified as any teeth or jaw alignment treatment. While we typically think of metal braces when we think of braces, our teeth alignment treatments can be in the form of invisible aligners, lingual braces and more. Braces work to slowly shift the position of the teeth and jaws over time so patients can achieve a perfectly healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Patients typically associate having braces as a pre-teen or teenager, as that’s the age most parents seek out orthodontic help for their children. But, is this really the best time for braces to come into play?

The Best Ages for Braces

While there is no perfect time for a patient to get braces, we typically recommend parents who are interested in getting braces for their children to do so between the ages of 10 and 14. These four years tend to be a more optimal time for our patients to receive braces for the following reasons:

  • Children between 10 and 14 are likely to have all or most of their permanent teeth.
  • Children between 10 and 14 still have softer bone tissue than older patients.
  • Children between 11 and 13 have typically lost all of their baby teeth, but have not yet seen their second molars appear.

Each of the above factors play into being able to address the patients’ permanent teeth alignment while still being able to manipulate the pliable and growing bones within the jaw. This makes for an easier shifting process and quicker results compared to patients with fully formed jaws and hard to shift molars.

When to See an Orthodontist

While the “ideal” age for patients to get braces is between 10 and 14, many orthodontic professionals suggest bringing your child in to see their first orthodontist as early as seven years old. While your child won’t be getting braces this young, your orthodontist can start taking preventative measures to ensure your child’s oral development is going smoothly. Preventative intervention may include the use of a retainer at night or expanders throughout the day.

Braces as an Adult

No matter what anyone says, getting braces as an adult is always an option. Many of our adult patients didn’t have the means to receive braces growing up and are finally able to align their teeth a little later in life. For our adult patients, we take the time to address their individual needs and encourage them to consider options like Invisalign®, which provides a slower alignment with a discrete look.

If you’re interested in learning more about when or how to get started with your orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to contact us and set up your private consultation with Dr. Wright. He’ll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate your teeth, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you get a smile you can be proud of.

The iTero® Scanner: New Technology for Improved Precision

We’ve got good news to share… no more goop! The iTero® Scanner is a new state-of-the-art scanning system that takes full scans of the mouth in under 15 minutes. The goop-free scans are used to create unique Invisalign® aligners that deliver a perfect fit. The scans can also be used to fit retainers. Wright Orthodontics is excited to add this technology to our practice, which offers patients multiple benefits:iTero® Scanner in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

  • Increased efficiency
  • Goop-free
  • Better fitting aligners and retainers
  • More comfortable scanning process
  • Less orthodontic appointments (thanks to the accuracy of the scans)

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Using harmless light for the scanning process, the iTero® Scanner can be used for higher quality measuring and diagnostics in all patients with full scans taking less than 15 minutes. Scans build a 3D model in real-time, giving greater insight and allowing doctors to tailor treatment based on exact models of your mouth. For those with braces or Invisalign®, scanning impressions are more accurate and efficient than ever and can even simulate the final look of your new and improved smile.

Increased Comfort

Since the scanner works with the Invisalign® system, creating new aligners is more comfortable than ever, with up to seven times fewer fit issues and more than 10 times fewer rejections than older impression processes. Fewer problems with the aligner results in more comfort for the patient and fewer appointments for fittings.

Faster Process with Less Error

Overall, the iTero® Scanner is up to 50 percent faster at providing accurate scans when compared to other conventional impression methods. The sensors in the wand pass over each tooth individually with unprecedented accuracy and gives a clear image of your teeth with less error than other scanning methods. At Wright Orthodontics we take pride in offering the most cutting edge and advanced procedures to help you achieve your best smile. The iTero® Scanner allows us to deliver the absolute best results to our patients – our number one goal as an orthodontic practice.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you want to know how the iTero® Scanner could benefit you, visit us at Wright Orthodontics so we can help you start your journey to fantastic smile. Contact our Atlanta or Marietta office to schedule a free consultation today.

Improve Your Invisalign® Results with the iTero® Scanner


Improve Your Invisalign® Results with the iTero® Scanner

One of the biggest drawbacks of the otherwise amazingly beneficial Invisalign® treatment system is the need to return to the office to take new updated teeth impressions for new aligners. Well, we are happy to announce that the process of getting new Invisalign® aligners is now faster, more accurate, and more comfortable than ever before thanks to the iTero® Scanner.

Orthodontic Retainers in Atlanta and Marietta, GA

In less than 15 minutes the iTero® Scanner can take a complete blueprint of your mouth. The iTero® Scanner is specifically tailored to work with Invisalign®, resulting in less hassle and more comfort for our Invisalign® patients.

The Most Precise Way to Secure Impressions

The iTero® Scanner features a wand-like instrument that emits safe, harmless light to scan the inside of the mouth and teeth. The computer program scans each and every tooth individually and in real time, resulting in far more accurate scans and 3D models. These results give orthodontists the power to control the minute details in a patient’s Invisalign® treatment. The iTero® Scanner is the most comfortable way to take impressions as opposed to biting down on gross molds – no more goop! The iTero® Scanner is comfortable and pain free for all patients regardless of the treatment type.

7x Fewer Visits to the Orthodontist

Orthodontists using the iTero® Scanner with Invisalign® across the country have reported seven times fewer fit issues and 10 times fewer aligner rejections when compared to older conventional impression procedures (goop impressions). Less problems for you means fewer visits to the office.

Learn More About the iTero® Scanner

Interested in learning how the iTero® Scanner could benefit you and your Invisalign® treatment? Come see us at Wright Orthodontics so we can help you start your journey to a fantastic smile using the iTero Scanner. Contact us today at either our Atlanta or Marietta office to schedule a consultation.